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Shop quality cat toys online! Feline Fun Factory is a bespoke cat toy company, creating & shipping hand-made cat toys throughout South Africa. Each toy is hand-made with love, so when you buy a Feline Fun Factory toy, you are getting far more than just a toy, and your cat will love you for it!

The Feline Fun Factory team is environmentally aware. Our packaging is 100% recyclable.


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The perfect starter kit!

The kitten pack is the perfect starter kit for a new kitten. Breeders impress their new kitten owners with this ready-to-go bag of fun and love, ensuring a commitment to playtime with the new family member.

This pack consists of two self-play toys and two interactive teasers to nurture growing bodies and brains, to entertain them and their humans and to foster bonding.

Kitten packs are gender specific: Boys are blues and greens, Girls are pinks and purple. Earth and fire tones are used for Neutral Kitten Packs.