Our Story

As Burmese breeders, we understand cats’ love of, and need for toys. Burmese mothers start introducing their babies to toys before the kittens can walk! The kittens grow up loving sounds that crinkle, tinkle and rattle. Their greatest fun is chasing and catching the “prey” on the ends of teasers.

Our kittens go to their owners with a goody bag of toys. Finding inspiring, suitable, affordable and safe toys was the challenge. The solution was to make the toys ourselves. Over time, the toys evolved, manufacturing methods were refined and our range of toys expanded. Most rewarding was the demand for our toys from fellow cat lovers, a demand that grew and grew and grew!

Feline Fun Factory was formalised in 2018 and our part-time hobby became a dedicated commitment. We are fanatical about two things: quality and safety.

Wherever possible we use natural materials and we make no compromises. When you get a Feline Fun Factory cat toy, you are assured that it is made to our high standards and that your cat will be thrilled with the new acquisition. We continue to make the toys ourselves with love.

Meet our team

Jane Goble

Jane Goble

Jane, a respected Burmese breeder and All Breeds Cat judge, is well known in the South African and International Cat Fancies.

When Jane started breeding Mela Burmese in 1998 her intention was to breed healthy, well socialised kittens; her success is evidenced by her long list of coveted awards.

Jane is the Chairperson of the Provincial Cat Society which holds annual Championship Shows and raises funds for selected feline charities.

Mela Burmese was named for her two daughters, Megan and Laura, who have many fond, and funny, memories of growing up and helping to raise Burmese kittens.

Jane is also the owner of Feline Fun Cattery, a boarding cattery based in Pietermaritzburg,

Jacqui Dawson

Jacqui Dawson

Jacqui is an ardent Burmese breeder through her own cattery, Lilac Time.

An artist at heart, she’s at her happiest with her hands busy, sewing away and testing new product ideas on her cats for their all-important feedback on Feline Fun Factory’s bespoke toy range.

Jacqui is a devoted mom to son, Anthony and also owner of Feline Fun Cattery (a boarding cattery) based in Pietermaritzburg.