You are reading this because you love cats, you have cats, and you do what’s best for them. Right?


  • You feed them only the choicest food and will provide a buffet if necessary ✓
  • You love stroking them and hearing them purr because it makes you feel warm and fuzzy ✓
  • You happily move into an uncomfortable position in bed to accommodate your cat ✓
  • You bore your friends with stories about your cat ✓
  • You spend at least 15 minutes a day playing with your cat… uhmmm…

Your cats have descended from a long line of skilled predators and domestication hasn’t stifled this hunting instinct. Playing with your cat mimics the stalk-chase-and-catch that hunting involves, although play is about far more than sparing lizards and birds.

Play teaches cats rules, like it’s not okay to use claws. Play builds confidence in shy, nervous cats, and promotes bonding between you and your cats by releasing endorphins. It is also great exercise for your feline’s body and brain. Play for cats is serious business, but for you it will be lol time because playtime isn’t just fun for cats, it’s chill out, giggle, soul food time!

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